Contact us via the Parish Clerk:

Mrs Sue Bunn 
07748 964493
Next Meeting Date
The next meeting date is the 19th March 2020. At this time we are hoping to still meet but would ask that you keep in mind the latest Government advise on the Coronavirus.  We have 2 Vacancies for Parish Councillors at the moment.  If you would like to join us please contact the Clerk or come to the meeting.
Great Moulton Parish Council


The Parish Council is made up of 7 members who all live in the village and represent the village on various matters.  We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Great Moulton and Aslacton Coronation Hall.  Following the Elections we still have 2 vacancies on the Parish Council.  Should you be interested please contact the Clerk

News and Information

13 January 2020

The Parish Council are holding an informal meeting on the 21st January to discuss launching a Village Plan.  The meeting will be at the Fox and Hounds with representives coming form the District Council to explain the benefits of having a local pllan for the Parish.

What We Do

The Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Commenting on planning applications. To view current applications visit South Norfolk Planning.

  • The village notice board.

  • General maintenance around the village.

  • Footpaths.

Great Moulton Parish Council

Mrs Sue Bunn (Clerk)

Tahuti Mai, Bunwell Street, Bunwell, Norwich. NR16 1SH  Tel: 07748964493

Privacy Notice

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